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Your installer is a member of a scheme that allows them to include a loan option from Phoenix Financial Consultants Limited ("Phoenix") on all quotes for home improvement work.

The loan calculator below allow you to see example monthly repayment and total amount repayable values. You can enter the amount and specify an optional deposit amount to display example repayments.

Example loan calculator

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Borrowing more than you can afford or paying late may adversely affect your financial status and ability to obtain credit.

Key features of the loan

  • You can pay a deposit if you wish (directly to the trader) or borrow the entire amount.
  • Overpayments and early repayments can be made at any time. If you make overpayments, you will avoid future interest, and the length of the loan will be reduced.
  • You will need to decide if the loan is right for you. Neither Phoenix nor your installer can give you any financial advice.
  • Loan approval is not guaranteed and you will need to complete a short online loan application which will assess your financial circumstances and your ability to repay any loan. The lender will perform a hard search on your credit file.
  • Further information is available under our FAQ section.

Next steps

If you wish to apply for a loan, your installer quote email contains a link to our website where you can complete your application.

If your loan application is approved, once you sign the loan agreement, your installer will arrange an installation date to suit you. Loan repayments will be taken via monthly Direct Debit and typically start 30 days after the work is complete.