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We've teamed up with with Primary Asset Finance, who work with businesses to understand what you need, where you want to go and then build the debt funding solution to get you there. They’ll produce an individually tailored finance proposal designed to meet your specific requirements including refinancing, growth, acquisition and turnaround.

There are many different product options available which can either be used on their own, or combined as part of an overall lending structure…


Secured or unsecured medium-term loans (usually on terms of 3-8 years) can be arranged for a range of purposes – including business growth, acquisition,MBOs and MBIs.


Aimed at giving Vendors the ability to close more deals by offering customers the option of spreading investment in equipment and technology over time, typically up to 5yrs.


From IT hardware and software, to office fit outs and large machinery, we help our customers to acquire business essential assets, using specialist finance products which match their needs.


Invoice Finance can save you time, money and can improve your cash flow immediately. Our funding partners offer bespoke cash flow solutions, rather than off the shelf packages.


Typically ranging from 3 months up to 5 year terms, these loans are usually designed to meet a specific business investment purpose rather than being used for general working capital.


Bespoke funding solutions where a suite of finance products are combined to optimise funding (amount, flexibility, pricing and terms) in line with company objectives as part of an “asset based lending” structure.

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Primary Asset Finance is an arranger of finance facilities and not a lender. Primary Asset Finance do not hold themselves to be an adviser to a Borrower. Any assessment and decisions concerning finance facilities sourced by Primary Asset Finance reside entirely with a Borrower in conjunction with their own professional advisers. Any decision to make available finance facilities to a Borrower rests solely with a lender and not Primary Asset Finance. Primary Asset Finance strictly arranges finance for businesses, most typically limited companies and operates by arranging strictly non-regulated commercial finance. Therefore Primary Asset Finance is not FCA regulated and cannot consider finance for sole traders or individuals.

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